Swimming is a fun and life-saving skill. It is absolutely necessary that your child know how to swim and be able to have the skills to save themselves.

Because of this, I do not spend time playing games with your child, but rather teaching only swimming skills. Your child will spend each of his or her turns in the water practicing life-saving swimming skills. 

We have class every day to encourage their muscles to remember what to do in an emergency. This is called "muscle memory." A very young child must practice a skill almost daily in order to retain the skill as an an automatic response. Practicing daily also allows them to retain each skill learned in order to build skills at a rapid pace.

About US


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We have been teaching people to swim at the Parker Piranhas Swim School since we opened at our home in 2009. We have had the amazing privilege of teaching thousands of children and a few adults to swim and build skills in the water.

My name is Chris Parker. I have been certified as a Water Safety Instructor and I am certified in first aid and CPR. 

I LOVE my job and I take it seriously.

God has given me a love of teaching and I have been blessed to work with kids over the years as a behavior coach, preschool teacher, a substitute teacher, childcare provider, and as a foster and adoptive parent. I am currently getting certified as an Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning. We have six children (and two kids-in-love) ranging in ages from 27 to 12.

I started the Parker's Piranhas Swim School after my children had the pleasure of being taught by an amazing swim instructor who encouraged me to start my own swim business and helped train me.

I have several incredible instructors and assistants. Each have experience with children in and out of the water. I am also blessed to have two of my six kids help teach.

Our family values include faith, legacy, generosity, compassion, and adventure. 

My SwiM Philosophy